Operation Market Garden, the failed September 1944 Allied invasion of Holland, was the largest airborne operation in world history.
The 1977 star-filled blockbuster movie "A Bridge Too Far," depicting the 82nd Airborne Division's valiant efforts to take the Nijmegen Bridge, made Market Garden legendary.
But, is it accurate?  And, is it actually a good movie?
The All American Legacy Podcast's Lt. Col. Joe Buccino sits down with historian Dr. Phil Nash in this episode to discuss.  

Phil and Joe talk about the Allied hubris and bad intelligence that served as the impetus for Market Garden.  They talk about the 504th crossing of the Waal River.  They also discuss their dream for a remake of the film starring Matt Damon.  History meets pop culture in a fun episode of the All American Legacy podcast.

As always, this podcast is presented by the 82nd Airborne Division's public affairs team.  A new episode on the legacy, culture, and history of America's greatest fighting force -- the 82nd Airborne Division -- is released every Tuesday.

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