We here at the All American Legacy Podcast know history.  We don't know movies.  So, we brought in an expert to help us break down the 1962 classic "The Longest Day," about the Allied D Day invasion of Normandy.

Brian Gill, movie critic, self-described pop culture nerd, and co-host of the popular podcast "Mad About Movies" joins Joe Buccino to talk about the movie that introduced the Division to millions of Americans.

"The Longest Day" stars John Wayne as Lieutenant Colonel Ben Vandervoort, one of the 82nd Airborne Division's real WWII heroes and it is required viewing for Paratroopers entering the Division.

Joe talks to Brian about what the movie gets right and what it gets wrong historically.  Brian provides a perspective on the film's place in the pantheon of American war movie classics.  The two then describe their dream lineup for a current-day remake.

Brian and Joe hit it off in a light-hearted episode of the All American Legacy Podcast.

The All American Legacy Podcast is produced by the 82nd Airborne Division public affairs office and tells the story of the 100-year history of our Nation's most honored combat unit.  A new episode on the legacy, culture, and history of the 82nd Airborne Division is released every Tuesday.

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