The All American Division redeployed to the United States in April and May of 1919, demobilizing in New York.  The Division status and role in the period between World Wars I and II is the subject of this week's episode of the All American Legacy Podcast.

The time between world wars was an odd one for the 82nd.  America was exhausted with war and did not know exactly what to do with its military.   Suddenly, the United States was a global power, but its citizenry had no appetite for the implementation of more force around the world.
With no clear mission, the 82nd waned.  For two years the division existed on paper only.  The Division retained its core structure but with virtually no Soldiers.  According to the Division's official history, recorded by Chief of Staff Lt. Colonel G. Edward Buxton, Jr in 1919.: "The 82nd Division has passed into history but it will forever live on in the hearts of its men."
In 1921, the Division was restructured as a drilling Army Reserve unit, maintaining a group of officers and Soldiers who could quickly mobilize in the event of another war.
Staff Sergeant Will Reinier and Lt. Col. Joe Buccino, hosts of the All American Legacy Podcast, talk about this quiet period of peace in the lifespan of America's Guard of Honor.  They also talk about another tradition unique to the Division.
Also this week, Dr. Phil Nash, associate professor of history at Penn State, one of the nation's leading scholars on this period, enters the Division headquarters at 1 All American Way to talk to the AALP crew.

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