For the past eight months, Falcon Brigade, the 82nd Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, has been a critical part of the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  The Falcon Paratroopers assisted Iraqi forces in the fierce fight to liberate Mosul of ISIS. Just last week, Falcon Brigade assisted in the liberation of Tal Afar, the last remaining Iraqi ISIS stronghold.

This podcast, recorded in Iraq over the past two weeks, does not present our history; our Paratroopers are adding to our legacy in Iraq and Syria today.  As Falcon Brigade's is fighting ISIS in the streets of Iraq right now, we are publishing this episode outside of our normal release schedule.  This is an evolving story, one that virtually all of the national media has ignored.  The fight in Tal Afar was ISIS' last stand in Iraq; this was a critical battle for our Nation and the 82nd Airborne Division was at its leading edge.

We'll resume our bimonthly release schedule and publish episode 35 on Tuesday, September 19th with a new episode every other Tuesday thereafter.  

The All American Legacy podcast tells the story of the 82nd Airborne Division's 100 years and is developed by the 82nd Airborne Division Public Affairs Office.  This episode was produced by Jason Whitely.  

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