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This week, Alvin York returns to America after his valorous actions in the Argonne Forest. We meet Gerald York, Alvin's grandson, who spoke about Alvin's life after the war. York reluctantly assumed the title of hero and did not originally want the attention that was given to him. Instead of using his name for personal gain, he focused on improving the educational opportunities of the children in his hometown of Pall Mall, Tennessee. He spent his own money to fund a new school with the proceeds of his numerous books and engagements.

However, York fell on hard financial times after the war. It was through the contributions and generosity of others that he was able to keep the school in his hometown running.

Late in his life, York became a strong supporter of the U.S. involvement in WWII. We'll bring you audio from his address to the newly-formed 82nd Airborne Division, congratulating them and wishing them well as they prepared to go to fight.

York's legacy continues to live on today. Sgt. Jacob York, Alvin's grand-nephew, is currently a Paratrooper in our 2nd Brigade Combat Team. We talked to him about his family's name and what it means to serve in the 82nd Airborne Division.

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